About us

Hey there, I’m Rachel!

Welcome to Harley Reid.

This is my beautiful corner of the internet full of eco-gifts for Mama's and kiddos and my lovingly crafted designs.

Crocheting is my happy place. It is where my creative talent and unique ideas come together and I am so glad I get to share that with you. 

Harley Reid holds close the values of family, eco-friendly, ethically made, hand-made, quality products. My vision for the store is a place that is a perfect moment in time, a bubble of shopping bliss for mums where you can visit, explore the beautiful items and know that everything you see has been personally chosen by me to always meet our values.

My two gorgeous boys are at the heart of my business and my chief product testers; They put the FAMILY into Harley Reid. Together we bring to you an exquisite shopping experience through our beautiful hand-made crochet items; unique, thoughtful gifts and high-quality children’s clothing. 

As a mum of two busy boys I understand #nosleepnotime. I admit I often look like a mumbie and wear the daily #mumbun proudly. Crafting is my escape and from there Harley Reid was born. A place where you can lose yourself in a moment of shopping pleasure without having to leave your own home.

There is a reason we like paintings and images of beautiful places and surround ourselves with beauty and things we love, it nurtures our spirit, relaxes us and ignites our imaginations. I hope you find a little piece of that here at Harley Reid for your children.

Art and artistic creations are as integral to the human soul as learning and nourishment. Through imaginative play and art-driven toys children learn spatial relationships, they start to understand colour and movement. The gifts you chose in childhood can create beautiful opportunities to open your child’s mind into a world of thought, discovery and joy. Choosing eco-friendly and non-toxic options not only helps the planet it opens a door to begin to raise awareness and teach values and ethics from a very young age.

Come join me in my passion and dream to celebrate meaningful gifts and exceptional children’s clothing from the comfort of your home.

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